The Mission

The purpose of this blog is to familiarize myself and my readers with the missing persons and unidentifieds from my home state of South Carolina.

I hope to do a blog post on each of those on the list, as time allows, just to do t a little something for the families of those missing.  Also, I will share the stories through social media networks so that others may know who they are.  Who knows,  perhaps some media outlet will pick up a story and carry it even further.

I call out and challenge anyone else out there who would like to participate to do something similar for those in your home state.  I think if we each "adopt" those in our own states we can reach out and do a little more.

I'm not a professional advocate, nor do I have a missing loved one, but my heart is torn by the thought that there are many families who have a loved one missing that do not have internet, do not have the skills to plan and execute an awareness campaign, and do not deserve to be less than those who do.

There are many good organizations and networking sites available, each who play their own role within the world of the missing.  They also need to be recognized for the painstakingly hard work they do on a daily basis.

If you decide to accept the challenge, please send me a link to your home state's site and we can start a united ring of some sort.  Just a little means a lot to the families of the missing.