Monday, May 9, 2011

Unidentified From Darlington County

Respectfully reprinted from Can You Identify Me?

Artists reconstructions by:
Wesley Neville &
Aiken Forensic Anthropology

I was born before 1982. Maybe I was born in the 70’s. The 1970’s was known for great music, weird clothes, odd dances, the end of a war, and an interesting political time. I probably grew up in the late 70’s and into the 80’s. Now the 1980’s that was a completely different time from the 1970’s, it was time of change. The 1980’s the hair, clothes, and music was just the start of the new world to come. New directions emerged in 1980’s from television and politics to drugs and gangs. 1980’s became a time when awareness started to sink in. We learned that the world was larger than our own town, county, even State. We learned about what was going on all over the nation and the world. We learned of disease, serial killers, gang violence, and dirty politics. We watched great men crumple before us on television. Life was now presented to us on more than one channel. Cable was born. What we had little knowledge of became greater knowledge as it was fed to us by spoonful. Well that was the era I grew up in. My life developed during these decades.

By 2000, life changed again. This time it was internet that was feeding us buckets filled with information instantaneously without sensors. The truth, the lies, the deceit, the reality all presented before us on a computer, now leaving it up to us what we watch and listen to, what we believe. Only one thing that happened in 2000 that prevented me from learning about this new world unfolding on the internet. I was killed.

It’s estimated that sometime around July 2000 I was killed and left off the side of the road. On August 3, 2000, my lifeless body was discovered near a rest stop off the 1-20 in Darlington County, South Carolina. I had no identification. My fingerprints were not in the system. My DNA has not matched anyone known missing so far. It’s been ten years and they still don’t know who I am.

I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve had two forensic artists lend their talent to help try and identify me. Kindly that restored some value granting me back part of my identity, in hopes to learn my name. You can now see what the artists believe I might have looked like. It’s wonderful. Remember, it’s only their work and I might have differed some, but it’s a great start to helping me find my family.

More about me, they think I was anywhere from 18 to 35 years old. I guess that means I could have lived in the 60’s too! From what the authorities could determine I’m white female with medium brown hair who probably stood 5’3 and might have weighed 120 lbs. I have some distinctive features that might you help you figure out who I am. I had a hooked nose, a prominent jaw line, extensive dental work, and an overbite.

Is it possible I sound like someone you know? If yes, please call the authorities and tell them who I am. If not, please help me find that person who does know me. Ask everyone, tell everyone, show everyone – I just want to find my family so they know once and for all what happened to me. Thank you for helping me!

Darlington County Sheriff's Office
843 398-4501
Please refer to case number 00013119

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